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80 Micron Special Solar Structures

Solar Power Production is an ever growing industry in India and considering the demand for new power resources of energy increasing with the growing population, Hutch India Private Limited is providing solar structure pipes. All products are thoroughly inspected for quality check during every step of production as per specification & approvals. 


The capacity of Solar Photo Voltaic Power Plants are increasing day by day. The industry is witnessing intense competition in the solar field and several bidders are compromising on the quality of the solar PV module mounting structures.

The mounting structures made of ‘Hindustar 80 Micron Pipes’ are used to support the solar PV modules. Since the solar PV modules are built to last for 25 years, it is very important to choose the solar PV module mounting structure as it has to support the solar PV module for 25 years. At Hutch India, we strive to provide the top most quality products. 

In galvanizing zinc coating is applied to iron or steel to prevent it from rusting. There are several methods of galvanising. The most common method employed in ‘80 Micron Pipe’ is the hot dip galvanization. At Hutch, hot dip galvanization, the material to be galvanized is submerged in molten zinc at a temperature of around 450 °C. The galvanized material (steel) when exposed to atmosphere, the pure zinc reacts with the oxygen forming zinc oxide which further reacts with the carbon do oxide in the atmosphere to form Zinc Carbonate. The zinc carbonate is dull grey coloured and strong material. It gives protection to the material beneath the coating from any corrosion. In solar PV module mounting structure, our pipes provide the best option. 

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