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Mild Steel (MS) pipes are widely used across industries because it easy to weld and forge them for their various uses. These pipes are also known as black pipe as they’re not galvanized or have any coating on them. 

Galvanized steel pipes, manufactured by Hutch India Private Limited, are covered by a layer of zinc. Galvanized steel pipes and tubes are mostly used in structural applications. Galvanized steel pipes and tubes are available in various size and shapes based on the customer's requirements.

Hutch India Private Limited provides high tensile strength (high strength to weight ratio)hollow section which is used widely in various industries including automotive, machinery, furniture, construction etc. These sections come in various shapes and sizes and finishes.

This category of Hutch steel sections is generally made out of MS coils and then are covered by a layer of Zinc through Hot Dipped Galvanising. There are many preventive coatings (natural & synthetic) which are applied either before or after the production of tubes.

Hutch India specialises in 80 Micron Solar Structures that are the need of the hour. The '80 Micron Pipe' is made through hot dip galvanising at a temperature of 450 degrees celsius. The final pipe is corrosion free. 

80 Micron Special Solar Structure
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