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About Us

Hutch India Private Limited located at Surat, Gujarat in Western India, is an amalgamation of innovation, technology and human proficiency. With the best resources in the industry we cater to all the growing needs and demands of the market. We have started this factory in the western region to cater to the clients and also give benefit of increasing logistics cost to our clients. We are engaged in manufacturing of Black and Galvanized Steel Pipes/Tubes in the size ranging from 15mm to 100mm in the Light, Medium and Heavy classes as well as Corresponding RHS and SHS Tubes. The pipes are made from the Highest Quality of Raw materials with the help of most advanced ERW technology and are subjected to strict Quality Control at every stage of production. The unit is equipped with the most modern technology to ensure the highest standards. Its products confirm to National/International Standard. It is Licensee of the Bureau of Indian Standards and is registered with DGS&D (Directorate General of Supplies and Disposals)

The group has vast experience over 20 years, in various dimensions and diversified interests, with multiple products-from Steel Pipes such as GI Pipes, MS Pipes, Galvanized Pipes in Both Round and SHS as well as RHS Category.


HUTCH, a name in the pipe industry, is playing a pivotal role, in the development of the country and its products are being used for the purpose of Agriculture, Industries, Water and Sanitary Fittings, Gas Line, Power and Electrification & Tubular Polls. The Products are being manufactured with the single motive of highest satisfaction to our customers/ users and full value for their money. Our brands are no doubt the first choice of all the architects, agriculturists, builders, engineers’ and fabricators in the industry.


An ISO: 9001 certified company spread over 1,50,000 sq. ft., engaged in the manufacturing of ERW Black and HOT DIPPED Galvanised Pipes/Tubes ranging from 15mm to 100mm in the Light, Medium and Heavy classes conforming to


  •  IS: 1239 (part-I) 2004 for Water Lines,

  • IS – 1161 for Structural Grades and

  • IS – 3601 for General Engineering Purposes,

  • IS – 4923 for RHS and SHS Pipes

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